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June 29, 2014

Using official language is part of allegiance

A recent column by Fred Slocum, a taxpayer-paid associate professor at Minnesota State University, is pretty telling; even more telling are some of his comments on his own letter.

Slocum’s own comments on The Free Press online comment site include:

“Given the reams of evidence that ‘voter fraud’ is very rare and that ID laws disproportionately screen out students, immigrants and people of color from voting (perhaps that’s why voter-ID is solely a right-wing and Republican fetish), passing voter-ID and other voter-suppression laws (also solely a Republican fetish) is divisive.” “Passing ‘official English’ laws to make non-English speakers feel like second class citizens, is divisive.” “Passing ‘anti-Sharia’ measures like Oklahoma Republicans did in 2010, to single out and demonize Muslims, is divisive.”

The Supreme Court has upheld Voter ID (Crawford v. Marion) as a measure to protect states’ interests in integrity of elections; 31 states now have Voter ID. Polls of Americans favor this measure by huge margins nationally.

Further, in order to become a naturalized U.S. citizen you must (1) – read, speak, and pass a test in English, plus (2) take an oath of allegiance. That oath is to defend and protect the Constitution plus renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty.

So passing official English and prohibition on sharia law measures Slocum detests are required to become a citizen but divisive to Slocum? If that’s true perhaps he should resign his position as he can’t comprehend basic citizenship and allegiance to country.

As a taxpayer, I want my money back — we should not be paying for a radicalized professor who surely cannot be objective in the classroom.

David Anderson


Conservatives feign concern on care

I read a pretty galling letter from Bob Jentges about the Veterans Administration “cooking the books.” He said that some VA bureaucrats seem to have more loyalty to their bureaucracy than those they are charged to serve. I so tire of hateful and fact-free accusations.

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