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July 13, 2014

Hagedorn would opposed failed Obama policies

I recently read that the U.S. economy just experienced one of its worst periods since the Great Recession in the first quarter, actually regressing 2.9 percent. That’s an indication of the economic volatility we now live in, thanks to the part-time economy created by Obamacare, and that uncertainty only stifles the business climate even more.

We’ve now had six years of false hope from President Obama’s stimulus, deficient spending and Obamacare, and Rep. Tim Walz has nodded his head in approval throughout all of it.

But what exactly are we getting from all of that? Negative economic growth.

In contrast, I’m delighted to see congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn running hard against Walz’s failed liberal policies and proposing meaningful free-market ideas, sensible policies for energy independence, liberating relief from big government regulations and the repeal of the costly and ineffective Obamacare.

Rather than an apologist for President Obama and the Washington, D.C., establishment, we need a real leader with bold plans and solid experience in slashing the federal bureaucracy to stand up for southern Minnesota and fight to bring power back to the people.

Dianne H. Schmidt


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