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August 7, 2013

My View: Obama's actions fall short on scandals


Why did Lois Lerner, IRS official in charge of the targeting unit, plead the “5th” when testifying before Congress? An inspector general report revealed excessive travel spending by IRS executives in 2011 and 2012 and linked an IRS political appointee to scandal [3]. Just released emails show discrimination of conservative groups may extend beyond the IRS and into the FEC [4]. Would you want the IRS unlawfully targeting your church or other tax-exempt group for political reasons?

This is the same IRS that will be implementing Obamacare and penalizing folks that don’t purchase health care on their own or through the new “Health-care Exchanges” set up by the government. Government employees along with elected officials, who are trusted to follow the rules and the law, should not be given a pass. But let's change the subject.

Let’s talk about the families impacted by gun deaths including one American foolishly lost under Fast and Furious [5]. America deserves answers on who was involved and responsible for this straw-purchase, gun-selling plan to track guns reaching suspected Mexican narco-terrorists. If not for tragic death of border agent Brian Terry and courage of ATF field agents risking their careers to blow the whistle on this spectacularly ill-conceived plan, Americans still might not know. With Attorney General Holder facing contempt of Congress charges, the documents that can provide answers were protected by executive privilege. Was that the plan to try to keep America from having answers? Let’s change the subject.

Finally what about Department of Justice spying on reporters and news agency records? James Rosen, Fox News's chief Washington correspondent, had a search warrant filed against him, including his personal emails, after publishing news report about North Korea’s intent on conducting nuclear tests in June 2009. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) described Rosen “as an aider, abettor and/or co –conspirator [6].” The DOJ did the same thing to five reporters and an editor at the Associated Press for an article run on May 7, 2012 [7].

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