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November 29, 2012

Your View: No 'shame' in misinterpreted letters

— The writer of the Nov. 25 Your View ("Voters voted against government intrusion") mentioned me by name when addressing two of my recent Your View letters.

First, he did not include the complete context of the "bamboozled" reference in my Nov. 12 Your View ("Voters were bamboozled on amendment"). I did not refer to all those who voted "No" on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, as he seems to suggest. I specifically referred to those who might have voted "No" under the pretense " was not necessary because we already had a law banning same sex marriage."

Second, an "astute reader" might have recognized the opening paragraph in my Nov. 18 Your View (A simple reason for Romney's loss) was intended as a spoof to a Nov. 16 My View ("Election swamped conservatism and the haters").  

Finally, the other opinions expressed in my letter of Nov. 18 were based on voter demographics of three groups, nothing else. Sociologists should understand demographics refer to statistical data of a population. Ridicule me if you must, but I accept no "shame" for stating those demographic facts in plain English. I intended no dog whistle i.e. " between the lines..." esoteric.


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