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November 25, 2012

Voters voted against government intrusion

COLD SPRING — Bob Jentges had two letters pub­lished in The Free Press in one week. Both letters expressed Mr. Jentges’ rather cynical view of the American public and of political positions that differ from his own.

On Nov. 11, he asserts that voters must have been “ bamboozled” to vote against the same sex marriage amendment. Then he makes a totally unwarranted claim that “ that is how progressivism works. It gradually fools some of us into selling our morals to the government.”

I say shame on Mr. Jentges for such a distortion of the facts. It was not progressives who wanted to have us sell our morals to the government, but rather the reactionary forces of the far right who wanted to impose their morals on all of us through the

Voters were not bamboozled at all. They saw through those tactics and voted for freedom FROM government interference with personal relation­ships.

In his letter of Nov. 18, Mr. Jentges tried to explain Mitt Romney’s loss by pointing out that there are simply “not enough of us anymore.” By “us” he was referring to married people, homeowners, and men. It doesn’t require a particularly astute reader to read between the lines about what Mr. Jentges means by his assertion.

Leland McCormick Mankato

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