The Free Press, Mankato, MN

June 1, 2013

Free Press informs on environment

The Mankato Free Press

---- — Kudos to The Free Press for publishing three excellent articles on the environment recently.

First, on May 27 the paper featured on the front page of the business section an article on the college and university student-driven fossil fuel divestment movement.

Simply put, the students are asking their institutions’ endowment funds to divest themselves of all fossil fuel investments.

Their reasoning is simple: Fossil fuels are the largest source of man-made greenhouse gases, which are creating a radical change in our climate.

Why then should institutions of higher learning be supporting industries that negatively impact the students’ futures when the mission of those institutions is to prepare students to create a better future?

Second, on May 30 The Free Press reprinted an article from Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) on the dangerous decline of bee colonies around the world. While scientists tell us that there are probably numerous reasons for this decline, there is one common factor they nearly all agree on: the use of neonicotinoid insecticides on farms and in gardens. The European Union has recently banned the insecticides. The U.S. must do so as well.

Finally, also on May 30, the paper published Professor Chris Ruhland’s educated and well-sourced rebuttal to the myth that too many Americans still cling to: That humankind has no effect upon the climate. As a researcher, Professor Ruhland has measured firsthand the effects of human-caused climate change in the Antarctic.

He ought to know.

Thanks to The Free Press for covering these very important issues. I look forward to seeing more similar coverage in the future.

Leigh Pomeroy

President, Mankato Area Environmentalists