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July 12, 2013

Why pick on Harleys' noise?

Why pick on

Harleys’ noise?

To Mr. Cross: Why pick on Harleys? You know the old saying “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”

I was behind a Honda on a Patriot Guard mission and had to fall back because of the loud popping Honda. Noise is funny sometime. I used to fly radio controlled airplanes and everyone was complaining about each others “loud airplane engine.” We bought a decibal meter and that ended the complaints.

Seems the ones with the biggest mouths had the loudest engines. It is all in what annoys us. Mr. Cross must be annoyed at Harley Davidson motorcycles. The next time there is a funeral for a fallen hero and there are about 100 motorcycles, most of them Harleys, come and listen to the motorcade, and the thanks from the family members.

John, come join us.

Kevin Buck




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