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March 8, 2013

Your View: Government should get more respect

— Why are so many trying to convince us that our government is bad, when practically all of us have ancestors who came to this country because of our government? Many actually risked their lives for a chance at a better life for themselves and their children in our country, ruled by our government.

Our government, at its core, advocates that before it we are all equal. It keeps this promise/contract by passing laws to ensure that we all — even the poorest and sickest among us — receive equal protection and have equal and basic rights.

Yet, our government is now being demonized to the point of being stripped of its power to protect its citizens’ rights and equalities. Programs and institutions that were established by our government to help ensure our equalities stand to be abolished through “unfunding.”

Why is it no longer necessary for the United States to have exceptional public schools for its children? Why is it unnecessary to inspect and ensure that our roads and bridges are safe? Are our cities and towns so safe that we need fewer law enforcement officials and only a handful of firefighters?

As a country, are we ready to accept that companies will make their products safe, even if it means lower profits? There are many in Washington who feel we should privatize these programs and institutions. Would you be willing to trust a company who naturally focuses on its profits, to ensure your safety, your rights and your liberties?

I support a government that by the laws it has written and the institutions it has created ensures our rights and liberties. I think we should all be willing to protect it from those who want to strip its powers.

So, who do you want to trust with your rights and liberties?

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