The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 30, 2013

Your View: Christianity is under attack

Kermit Swanson, St. Peter

— Christians in this country have become complacent in believing that their religion is being threatened by conflicting religious ideologies. In our government’s attempt to be politically correct by removing the Ten Commandments from courthouses, substituting Happy Holidays for Merry Christmas outlawing Santa Claus from school classrooms, and the like, we have and are expected to turn the other cheek and lead as humble Christian examples.

Just this week an assistant principal in Mississippi outlawed in her school the use of the word “Easter” in reference to eggs, baskets, celebrations and wherever we would commonly make reference to the Easter holiday. As a Christian this upsets me very much as it should you.

The first question I have is: in the heart of the Bible Belt, where are the members of that school board to allow such a decision to be made and implemented? Where are the parents for not protesting such an action?

Admittedly, we are not in the midst of a Muslim country threatened to death by Islamists for professing our Christian beliefs, but our Christianity is being threatened by our complacency and failure to speak up. No longer should we turn the other cheek and look the other way. Our Christian faith is being threatened by these subtle attempts to be politically correct and to not offend. Rise up you defenders of your faith.

Happy Easter to you all.