The Free Press, Mankato, MN

April 6, 2013

Your View: Education should be best, not cheapest

Naomi Greenblat, Mankato

— I have recently taken a few classes on working with students with autism along with a course on adolescents and schools. In these courses we have talked a great deal about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act that has been in effect in the United States since 1975. This act was created so that children with disabilities can receive a free and appropriate education.

What concerns me is the fact that what is considered appropriate for the education of these students may not in fact be the best methods of education. Schools are only required to use a method of education that is proven effective. Typically the methods that are chosen are the ones that are the lowest in cost rather than the ones proven most effective. It saddens me to think that the students who are in need of extra help for their education are not receiving the best education but rather an average one.

Many of the reasons for the choice in methods are based on the cost. I realize schools are lacking in funds; however the fact that all students deserve the best education possible I feel should take precedence over any cost. Many of the families that have children with disabilities are dependent on the help of the schools to ensure their child’s future. I believe that schools should be living up to their end of the deal and providing that best quality education.