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April 11, 2013

Your View: Kudos to DeKruif for exposing Maertens

— Kudos to former state senator Al DeKruif for exposing Tom Maertens' writings for what they are in most cases, "cherry picking polls to get the responses he wants." Maertens, the self-proclaimed centrist that he is, leans farther to the left than an old barn after a strong wind.

I've always suspected that Maertens used other people's statistics to skew his arguments to lean in his favorite direction, but never took the time or energy to try to disprove his conclusions.

I'm happy that DeKruif did and did it with words that were much kinder than mine would have been.

Now that we know where Maertens is coming from and how he gets there, we can temper his credibility to a much lesser degree of truth.


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