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February 5, 2013

Your View: Abortion supporters are losing the fight

— In a recent Time cover article, the author makes the case that the pro-abortion side is losing the abortion debate, saying "40 years ago, abortion rights activists won an epic victory with Roe v. Wade. They've been losing ever since."

Could it be true that slowly but surely liberal politicians and journalists are seeing the light at the end of this 40-year tunnel of darkness? We can only hope and pray that this is the case.

One could even consider it good news that a solid majority of U.S. House of Representatives voted July 31 to prevent abortion of pain-capable unborn children in Washington, D.C. How disturbing it is that our local legislator Tim Walz (who likes to portray himself as a moderate) was one of 154 lawmakers, according to, who voted to defend the current policy of legal and violent abortions for any reason until birth?

Could it be true that the guilt we cast upon the Nazi-era Germans today for not stopping the Jewish Holocaust will be cast upon us by future generations for the holocaust of our babies? What will it take for the holy God of this universe to do and permit before our nation will be driven to her knees in repentance and a change in our collective mind?

How do pro-abortion politicians and their supporters sleep at night?


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