The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 2, 2012

Your View: Marriage was created by God

Tom Roggow, St. Peter

— Both sides of this constitutional amendment issue are wrong. There is nothing to vote on.

As a Christian who believes the entire Bible is God’s word, I am opposed to any marriage other than one between a man and a woman. Marriage was created by God in the Garden of Eden when he took Adam’s rib to create Eve. Marriage was not man-made.

Marriage is not a civil concept. Only human institutions have caused it to become part of human civil law. Marriage has been a divine institution from the very beginning of time. We don’t have the authority to redefine God’s Law to fit our human moods.

So, if you believe that the Bible is truly God’s word, you must vote “yes” on the marriage amendment.

But why should we vote at all? After all, I said both sides are wrong in their philosophies that, we, humans, have the authority to change God’s law. Because if you choose not to vote at all on this amendment, your non-vote will be counted as a “no” vote whether you intend it that way or not.

Every citizen has the constitutional right to have their vote heard whether they vote “yes” or “no”, or even if they choose to not vote on that issue.

No governmental body should be allowed to declare that by not casting a vote a citizen is really voting “no.” Whatever your inclination may be on this highly polarizing issue, you must mark your ballot “yes” or “no” on the marriage amendment.

Don’t leave it blank. Your vote will count — and so will your non-vote.