The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 2, 2012

Your View: Be sure to vote ‘yes’ on marriage amendment

Lerry Peichel, Sleepy Eye

— God created man and woman. The Lord blessed marriage between one man and one woman and said to thrive and multiply and fill my Earth.

Mankind was given free will and has many weaknesses. With God’s grace received through prayer, mankind can overcome these weaknesses.

Mankind has made bad laws altering these weaknesses, such as slavery, making mankind with the wrong color skin less human than others, dueling to settle our arguments, etc. Our government has wisely outlawed these errors.

Our same-sex couples claim to be discriminated against. Our colleges have separate dorm rooms and apartments for both men and women and no law prohibits men from sharing an apartment or women from sharing apartments. Gay couples seem to feel marriage will sanctify the sexual desires of their union.

We must vote “yes” on the marriage amendment which is not very plain on the ballot. If you vote, you must vote “yes” on the ballot or it will count as a “no” vote and cause the amendment to fail and open the possibility for same-sex marriage to become legal.