The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 3, 2012

Your View: Mike Laven should be brought back

Timothy Berry, North Mankato

— This is an out-of-towner’s letter of support for the re-election of Mike Laven to the Mankato City Council. While I will not be able to cast a vote in the City of Mankato contest, the outcome of that election will have a direct effect on me where I live.

The City of Mankato has been a leader in the collaborative movement in southern Minnesota that has cultivated a cooperative spirit among regional governments and elected officials, private businesses and the non-profit sector.

Laven has been an active participant of this regional collaborative movement that has made southern Minnesota the acknowledged progressive leader statewide.

The benefits have been many to my way of life — a refocus on Highway 14 safety; support for the integrity of local education including our state university; establishment of a supportive business environment for competitive growth and employment; inclusive planning to benefit an aging population and a changing socio-demographic resident profile; and improvements to a higher qualify of life through strong stewardship of the local Mankato sales tax revenues, to which I do contribute.

Mankato voters, please return Laven to the Mankato City Council to continue his strong work that is bringing improvement to us regional “out-of-towners.”