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November 3, 2012

Your View: One can be Christian and a Democrat

It was disheartening to see Loren Reibel’s “Your View” letter (“Can’t Vote Democrat and Be a Christian”) Wednesday. I could not disagree more strongly with his opinion. In most respects, it is hard to see how anyone who is Christian could not vote Democratic; though we must draw the line at saying you are not a Christian or not a good person unless you vote a particular way.

The Democratic platform is one of helping the poor and needy; tolerance regarding differences; withholding judgment upon others; inclusiveness; and demonstrating care, respect, and love for one another. It mirrors Jesus’ platform when you examine the parables and consider the “new commandment” given to the disciples.

The “liberal social decrees” in the current Democratic platform are far less extreme than much of what Jesus preaches in the Bible which could be interpreted as fairly socialist. Jesus helped and healed all he came into contact with, without casting judgment and regardless of a person’s affiliations. He asked that we render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s; leaving to God what is God’s.

Christianity and being a Democrat are emphatically not mutually exclusive. It is shameful that a distorted and misrepresented view of Christianity at its most basic level is being used to exclude, judge and disenfranchise people politically if those people are not embracing a certain party.

That’s not what Christ taught.

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