The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 9, 2013

Your View: No need for alarm over warming

Phil Drietz, Delhi

— I submit these items in response to the Jan. 23 and Feb. 10 anti-carbon dioxide/methane letters from some “global warming” alarmists:

Ice core samples from Vostok and Dome Condordia tell us that today’s carbon dioxide is 30 percent higher and methane is 130 percent higher than during any of the past four interglacial periods. And since those periods are known to be  approximately the same temperature or higher than our current period we should  really be cooking by now, if the global warming warnings are true.

According to and the Dec. 29 issue of Science News, between 1920 and 1940, much of the Arctic Sea melted, even though man-made CO2 was far less than today’s anthropogenic CO2. Same thing happened in 1817.

When a tree opens its leaf pores, it loses about 400 molecules of water in order to capture one molecule of CO2 (plant food). So it would seem to me that a high  concentration of atmospheric CO2 would allow trees to survive on less water because of a reduced pore exposure time. Possibility that might be why we get good crops even in low moisture — note the 2012 yields.

Considering the above, I think that if we were to shut down all our coal fired power plants tomorrow, we would see little or no atmospheric benefit (especially since China burns more coal than the United States, Japan and Europe combined — thanks to our “Made in China” economic/manufacturing  policies).