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April 18, 2014

MSU falls short again on Hoffner

Once again Minnesota State University football coach Todd Hoffner reported to his job in earnest with the same uncompromising situation as the day he was escorted off the field.

The MSU administration, athletic director, interim coach and players could have met and ironed out concerns prior to Hoffner commencing his position.

How awkward for the players and Hoffner to meet with unresolved issues in front of the media. Is this drawn out media circus in the best interest of MSU? I think not.

I can’t imagine how Hoffner felt as he was ushered off the gridiron two years ago and now returning to further uncertainty. In both instances, the university lacked good decision making and leadership.

Jerry Mosca


Considine would advocate for the arts

John Considine is a true advocate for the arts. When Twin Rivers Arts Council was struggling to start its existence, it was Considine who listened to our needs and brought those needs to the Mankato City Council advocating a stronger support of the arts in the Mankato area.

We were finally given a voice.

His leadership and support have allowed us to become the main collective organization for more than 56 arts groups. The arts are now included as a part of the city planning.

He would be an outstanding advocate to enhance the status of the arts in this community. Therefore, I wholly support him in his candidacy for state representative for this area.

Thank you, John Considine, for your continuing belief and support of the arts in our community.

Mary Motter


Considine conservative on use of public funds

Jack Considine, in his 16 years as a member of the Mankato City Council, has established a long and consistent record of fiscal responsibility and conscientious stewardship of tax dollars.

He has been thorough and meticulous as a participant in the crafting of annual city budgets.

Year after year, including the 2013 and 2014 budgets, he has identified the opportunities and made the motions that have eliminated unnecessary spending and promoted fiscal efficiency.

His conservative approach to the use of public funds is just one of the many qualities that contribute to Considine being an ideal candidate for representing District 19B in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Leslie McPhail Peterson


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