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April 19, 2014

Football players should protest administrators

As an MSU alumnus, I was elated to learn that justice had finally prevailed and Todd Hoffner would be back as head coach of the MSU football team.

That elation soon turned to complete disappointment toward the MSU player’s decision to walk out of practice in protest. This program has developed young men that have proven to be outstanding players on the field. I do, however, question this program’s development of these young men off the field.

Instead of working through this as a team they instead chose to use this as a photo opportunity for the assorted media members gathered for Wednesday’s practice. They have every right to have their questions and concerns addressed. However, the manner in which they chose to voice their concerns reflects poorly on both their judgement and their character.

The complete lack of empathy for coach Hoffner and his family, who have been driven to hell and back for well over a year, is absolutely astounding. If these players truly want to protest the situation they now find themselves in, perhaps they should direct their attention to the administrators who made the decisions that turned people’s lives upside-down and stained the reputation of their fine institution.

Michael Sipe

North Mankato

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