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April 30, 2014

USC decision lacks common sense

No need for erasers on pencils at United South Central High School because they have zero tolerance for mistakes.

USC is a high school in the heart of farm country. Every farmer I ever knew and their kids carried a knife in their pocket and sometimes a pair of pliers.

But no, Alyssa Drescher, a junior at USC, has been expelled for having a pocket knife in the bottom of her purse in her locker down some hall in her school.

The school principal states that the students are well informed of the seriousness of bringing a weapon to school.

Well, how about the weapons that are already there? A No. 2 pencil or a ballpoint pen will kill you faster than — finding, unfolding and stabbing with a pocket knife.

And I can tell that they have no respect for history at USC because it didn’t matter who or what kind of a student Drescher was.

The principal calls her a model student.

But “the district has a responsibility to the rest of the students and staff.”

To what? To show the students how ignorant, rigid, detached, insensitive and reactionary they have become? This is an imperfect world.

What happened to common sense? Let’s teach some English literature “The quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth like the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed.”

Dennis Durand


Considine will be asdedicated as Brynaert

I have closely followed the hard and dedicated work of Kathy Brynaert as a highly respected member of the Minnesota House.

As Brynaert puts it, she is passing the torch on to the rest of us to continue the work on behalf of education, human rights and a quality of life for each Minnesota citizen.

I firmly believe that Jack Considine is the person for her job.

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