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May 3, 2014

Foreman kept trails open for dog owners

I recently read in The Free Press that Karen Foreman was one of two Democrats running for endorsement for a District 19 seat in the state Legislature. She would be an excellent choice.

I would like to give one example of how she works on solving a problem: When the proposal for amending the Kiwanis Park rules allowing mountain bike trails in the park was going to be put before the Mankato council, I took advantage of one of the meetings for constituents she holds at the hilltop Hy-Vee on a Saturday morning.

I conveyed my concerns about dogs and bikes not being a good fit and the need for large dogs to have a place to run and hike with their owners on the trails.

When the bike proposal was presented for a council vote Nov. 25, Foreman made a motion to allow people present to be allowed to speak and also to table the proposal and allow the park superintendent, the mountain bike people and dog owners to get together and work out a solution for all.

Her motion fortunately passed by a 4-3 vote, and we were able to resolve the conflict, which the Mankato Council unanimously passed Feb. 24.

Note that three council members, for some reason, where unwilling to allow the groups to work out a solution but the solution that resulted from the work session Foreman proposed was passed by all members.

All you dog owners out there, we would have lost the use of the wood chip trails without Foreman’s compromise motion and work session to solve the problem.

Mary Willerscheidt

Madison Lake

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