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May 13, 2014

Foreman's listening makes her outstanding

I am writing in support of Karen Foreman as representative for Minnesota House District 19B in the upcoming elections.

In the many leadership positions she currently holds and has held in the past, she has displayed outstanding abilities to solve issues that have varied and complex positions, emotions, facts and views.

Her dedication to equality by including all citizens is evident in her voting record as a Mankato city councilwoman.

As councilwoman, in an effort to learn the citizens’ current interests and issues, Foreman has held more than 35 public meetings. These meetings give all Mankato citizens an opportunity to present their opinions in a convenient and informal atmosphere. She listens and then effectively deals with issues and concerns and does follow up communication with the citizen. These actions have greatly contributed to the well being of this community.

Foreman represents and keeps up to date on current local, state and federal issues by attending relevant meetings, seminars and conferences that affect the greater Mankato area.

These qualities, along with her numerous other abilities to effectively and briefly communicate, determine the facts and work to a common consensus, are attributes necessary to represent this area.

I have lived in Mankato for many years. As an informed citizen, I strongly feel that Foreman is an outstanding candidate to represent Mankato and the surrounding area at the state House of Representatives.

Shirley Courrier


Considine’s actionslouder than words

Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Jack Considine through a variety of community volunteer endeavors.

My husband and he coached our daughters on a girl’s traveling basketball team. Our daughters also played Peppers softball together throughout high school. As our girls grew up, Considine continued to look for ways to give back to the community — one being a Mankato city council member.

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