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May 24, 2014

VA problems not related to single payer

In response to the letter by Bob Jentges about the Veterans Health Administration, I would like to explain an important point.

There are four different health-care systems in the world and we have all four.

First is “out of pocket.” If you need health care, you pay for it and if you don’t have money, you go without.

Another is insured care. You pay a premium and receive care from a private provider. There is socialized medicine with government owning the hospitals and hiring the providers financed with taxes.

Last, there is single payer care where a separate elected board of citizens, patients and doctors collect just enough to pay the private providers and hospitals a negotiated fair compensation at 2 percent overhead with no co-pays or deductibles.

If the VA failed to treat veterans with their socialized system, resulting in deaths, it may be because of an anti-Obama management of the VA, but not the failure of a single payer system with the VA has nothing to do with.

James E. Brown


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