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June 7, 2014

DFL bonding a boondoggle

The members of the DFL are patting themselves on the back for their “accomplishments” for the past session. Perhaps if the people of rural Minnesota take a good look at the items in the bonding bill (on-line at those same DFLers would find themselves getting a good swift kick a little lower.

The next time those big city politicians come around seeking votes, it would be appropriate that the people in rural Minnesota ask them about several items in the bonding bill. It is highly unlikely that anyone will get an answer that will fall into the realm of common sense.

The Nicollet Mall project for Minneapolis is receiving $20.5 million. More than $15 million is assigned for the “arts” spread out among several projects. The numbers in those renovation projects, such as the NorShor Theater Historic renovation in Duluth ($6.95 million) and the Historic Palace Theater restoration in St. Paul ($5 million), are even harder to justify without giving the impression that these are just pay-offs to Democrat constituents.

The bottom line for the past two years of the DFL controlling both the House and the Senate along with the governor’s office is that the DFL have proven again to be very poor stewards of the state’s finances.

The DFL may think they did a good job and Gov. Dayton may give them a A- for their efforts. The reality is that the bonding bill is way too many pet projects for special interests.

Dwight Grabitske


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