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June 7, 2014

Bergdahl swap a slap in the face

As a Vietnam vet I am disgusted by the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

I haven’t read anywhere that he was mistreated/abused like our POWs in Vietnam were. It just said “his health was deteriorating” and we have a “sacred obligation to bring him home.” And “we have the obligation to leave no soldier behind.” Seems as though he “left us behind” when he decided to desert his company.

What, he didn’t like Army food so he decided he would leave and see if there was a nearby Applebees where he could have steak and eggs for breakfast? Or check into a Holiday Inn instead of those horrid barracks?

Then we bring him back to a hero’s welcome. Isn’t that wonderful. He got more of a welcome, as a deserter, than the rest of us Vietnam vets got for fighting for our country. How many troops did we send out, possibly risking their lives, looking for this idiot? He must have top secret information in order to be that important that one person is traded for five ruthless Taliban officials. The Taliban has now learned that they can capture another soldier and can trade him for five more of their ruthless friends. We wanted to close Gitmo anyway, didn’t we? We can do it five at a time. Great thinking there geniuses. But the sergeant still may get a “spanking,” said Gen. Dempsey.

Disgusting. Can this country get any worse?

Lonny Meyer

St. Peter

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