The Free Press, Mankato, MN

June 8, 2014

Limited visibility better for roundabouts

Rebecca L. Arndt
The Mankato Free Press

---- — Thanks to the writer from North Mankato with concerns about the mound in a roundabout. ("Roundabouts are dumb and dumber," June 4.)

We appreciate the opportunity to get that information out as others may be wondering the same thing.

By the way, this answer can also be found on the FAQ sheet at under the roundabouts A-Z tab with other frequently asked questions.

I can’t see the opposite side of the roundabout, why?

The design of a roundabout includes a mound in the middle that prevents drivers from seeing the opposite side. The mound helps prevent motorists from driving straight through the intersection instead of following the road. The center mound also helps keep traffic moving. By limiting the sight for a driver at the yield line to the intersecting road’s adjacent legs, drivers still have enough sight distance to safely enter and exit the roundabout. Research has shown that more sight distance than necessary actually causes more problems as drivers desire and wait for larger gaps in the traffic flow before proceeding.

Rebecca L. Arndt

Public Information Officer

MnDOT District 7, Mankato