The Free Press, Mankato, MN

August 19, 2013

Fountain soaping was disrespectful

By Mary Lynn Scott

---- — Fountain soaping

was disrespectful

Aug. 6, on my way to work I came around the corner at Belgrade Avenue in North Mankato and my heart just sunk.

What childish imbeciles feel they need to add soap to the beautiful water fountain across from the library? It was all full of suds and the water had ceased pumping.

Why do people feel they need to totally destroy and have no respect for other people’s property? What has this world come to?

If it’s not yours, leave it alone, do not touch and just walk away. Let other people who respect this community and the beauties it has to offer enjoy what the city has done to make it inviting.

If you feel you need to destroy something, destroy your own property or just move away, out of our town.

Annette Folkerts

North Mankato