The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 18, 2012

Your View: Seniors ought not be supporting Romney-Ryan

By Archie Pearson, La Salle

— Polls seem to indicate that the Romney-Ryan ticket leads Obama and Biden, by those 64 and older. Have we, as seniors, forgotten what Republicans advocated in the recent past?

In 2004, President Bush wanted seniors to put a third of their Social Security into the same Wall Street casino that just took $13 trillion from their home equity and pension plans.

Should seniors vote into office Republicans who believe private Wall Street accounts would be a good place to risk private retirement savings? I think not.

Can we believe Paul Ryan is a bold thinker by suggesting that it is a good idea to replace Medicare with an $8,000 voucher? This would not cut health care costs, it just shifts the cost to those who least can afford it.

Ryan tells seniors that his voucher program would only affect those 55 and younger. Should we, as seniors, be so insensitive or unsympathetic that we don’t care about the younger generation?

Seniors, do not be tempted to buy in to bold, wild-eyed schemes that would use Social Security and Medicare as slush funds to benefit unrelated deficits.