The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 18, 2012

Your View: Cynicism, selfishness enemies to wise voting

By Mary Lou Kudela, Madison Lake

— Our country is at a crossroads. Our attitude and politics can reflect the belief “We’re all in this together” or the belief “I am more deserving than my neighbors.” Our choice determines how we Americans express our citizenship.

These are critical times, requiring patience, diligence and persistence. The news, TV, social media bombard us with more opinions, data, and beliefs than we can handle. Yet, we cannot throw up our hands and feel discouraged.

These are some of the issues:  Inequity in health care and insurance access; lack of affordable housing for poor and middle class; freedom for women to make their own health decisions; corporations that demonstrate unethical behavior; a stagnant economy facing the super cliff of trillion dollar debt; leaders in Congress who prefer to protect their interests rather than ours; an education system that is woefully inadequate for the 21st Century; civil rights for all; a challenging, complex, dangerous world where our very security is at stake.

This  is not the time to give up. We can use our energy and interest to fact-check the many opinions, positions, beliefs, and promises in this campaign season. Go to:, and

Cynicism and selfishness are enemies to wise voting.

Be encouraged. Be involved in the America that is now choosing its path to our future.