The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 24, 2012

Your View: Law of nature enforces man-woman marriage

By Adrian Goettl, Mankato

— Marriage is not about two adults forming a civil union to be intimate and receive social and monetary benefits. Marriage is about children and family derived by natural law. Marriage is about the law of nature that says a male and a female is necessary to procreate.

Governments have adapted this fact and made a legal binding civil contract labeled "marriage" to ensure the biological children of that union are supported by their procreators. If the child is not supported and cared for by their procreators, police and child social services become involved to enforce support.

Marriage, a union of one male and one female, has a very high probability of having one or more children with direct biological ties to the male and female involved in their union. A union of two lesbian females or two gay males has an extremely low probability of having a biological child related to the two adults involved in their union.

The Constitution states all men are created equal and deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unlike the law of nature, man-made laws are designed to change at the whim of a court judge. A judge claims a particular law is unconstitutional and the law is removed. It is necessary to prevent man from attempting to change a law of nature on a whim by making a law of nature constitutional.

If two lesbians or two gays want to form a union to be intimate and attempt to obtain social and monetary benefits and pursue happiness, they should have that right. However, a union of two females or two males is not marriage as described by the law of nature.