The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 15, 2013

Professor should stick to facts, stop name calling

The Mankato Free Press

---- — A recent letter by Fred Slocum in The Mankato Free Press tries to label Republicans extremist. I have to ask — do parents and students get refunds if he teaches this same nonsense?

As a political science and economics graduate myself — not of MSU — it makes me wonder what Slocum says in class or engages his students about. My political science teachers taught theory, facts, institutions and practices but left the personal politics out of the classroom. Now maybe Slocum does, but in my experience from around the country this type of engagement in the media is seldom excluded from engagement in the classroom.

Why is it extreme of one party to demand change (supported by the majority of general public) but not extreme to be 100 percent opposed to change (no compromise at all)? If that’s the case then most laws don’t need to be introduced at all.

In Minnesota, of the laws passed by the most recent Legislature dominated by Democrats, only 22.6 percent of legislation was new law, according to the Revisor of Statutes. The rest was amended, corrected or repealed law. Does that mean the DFL in Minnesota is extreme, too?

I might agree they are extreme but on an entirely different rationale — not on Slocum’s made up definition.

As an educator to our students; taxpayers should expect more. Slocum should stick to facts not the name calling (zealots, lunacy, extortion, extremism) — something he willfully ignores in his extreme tirades — or maybe find another line of work.

David Anderson