The Free Press, Mankato, MN

August 21, 2013

Letter lacking on tax and spend

---- — The Aug. 10 letter criticizing so-called “tax and spend” liberals was both puzzling and bizarre. The writer claimed the increase in letters from fiscal conservatives reflected “the political demographics of the area” better.

If he meant the immediate area, then he had better think again. The local area has elected a four-term DFL congressman, three DFL state legislators, and helped to elect two DFL U.S. senators.

Since the facts did not support his assertions, the writer resorted to disparaging those who did not agree with him. Academicians, who have spent their entire professional careers researching facts, analyzing them, and making peer-reviewed presentations, just might know what they are talking about. And the writer needs to check the definition of the word “sycophant” before he misuses it again.

Does the writer really believe that the rich should be subject to a lower income tax rate than the rest of us? Evidence for the asserted insatiable appetite for more government spending? He offered none.

Out of what air did he pluck the notion of an attempt to control people? He must have meant the Republicans in Congress and Republican governors who want to control people’s lives rather than to pass job creation bills.

Instead of inflicting his unsubstantiated assertions, his ad hominem attacks, and his straw-man arguments on us, the writer should tell us how the small government and fiscal conservatives plan to solve the problems of poverty, unemployment, the mortgage crisis, runaway health care costs, our crumbling infrastructure, the rising cost of higher education, the recklessness of Wall Street bankers, and climate change. The truth is they have no plan.

Don Strasser