The Free Press, Mankato, MN

August 21, 2013

Liberal agenda is self serving

---- — Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Ron Yezzi’s recent letter suggesting Al DeKruif is trumpeting phony scandals is just plain wrong.

You would think that Yezzi would know a thing or two about ethics.

DeKruif has been putting forward some very good common sense points that deserve answers.

When has asking questions of our national leaders become right wing extremist? It is not only a right but an obligation in a republic that we in the United States enjoy — to not only ask but demand answers of potential wrongdoing.

Yezzi, in his zeal to change the subject from the questions asked, resorts to name calling. So much for having an understanding of ethics.

Consider the source of the attacks to DeKruif. Yezzi’s liberal agenda is self-serving. One must ask about his wanting high taxes only to supplement his high professor salary and protection of generous pension and benefit packages.

All Yezzi’s comments were about Republicans and were attempts to distract from the questions asked. Where is call for Congressman Tim Walz, whom he financially supports, to demand answers? Do dead Americans mean anything? Does malfeasance of duty only apply when Yezzi says it does? Do scandals only deserve attention when a Republican is at the center?

How can you allegedly teach ethics when you don’t practice ethical behavior yourself? The only phoniness about the scandals is the response this administration has given, which has been to try to change the subject.

I hope common sense and honest questioning of government, like DeKruif is practicing, are not gone forever. I hope our college students understand that bigger government and higher taxes can’t be the answer to every question.

John Hollerich


Blue Earth County Republicans chairman