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September 4, 2013

Right-wing extremists mislead

I’ve disagreed with some stances taken by Republicans Kelly Gage, Glen Taylor (in his politician days), Arne Carlson, and Dave Durenberger.

But I would never accuse them of trying to prey on people’s ignorance. Right-wing Republican extremists warrant different treatment.

So, let’s prick the Blue Earth County Republican chair’s hot air balloon, whose letter was recently published.

1. It’s not name calling when you present 10 specific reasons identifying Al DeKruif as a right-wing Republican extremist.

2. Extremists can’t be trusted because they make so many misleading statements. I’ve written three letters and two website comments pointing out in detail how DeKruif misleads people.

3. In all the cases cited by DeKruif, Republicans have charged that President Obama, the White House staff, and/or leaders of his administration have originated and directed illicit activities and/or a massive cover up to deceive the American people. But the evidence refutes these charges.

That’s why they’re phony scandals.

Democrats (including Congressman Tim Walz) do not oppose the House or Senate investigating what happened to try to avoid future mistakes.

4. If Benghazi is such a massive issue for Republicans, what should we say about 9/11 and the Iraq War?

Over many submissions, I (and others) provide numerous detailed reasons and evidence to explain why government action and taxes are necessary to meet 21st century needs. Instead of any countering reasons and evidence, we get ludicrous charges like “his wanting high taxes to supplement his high professor salary and protection of generous pension and benefit packages.”

Ron Yezzi


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