The Free Press, Mankato, MN

April 26, 2013

Your View: Too many superintendents for Waseca, New Richland, Janesville school systems

Margaret Flor, Waseca

— Waseca, New Richland and Janesville each have a superintendent to manage their school system. The schools are within a 20-mile radius of each other with a total enrollment of 3,357 students. Would our local manufacturing, banks and agricultural companies provide three CEOs  in three locations in a 20-mile radius of each other?  Would this be the most efficient way these businesses could operate and accomplish their mission statements and achieve their visions?

Waseca County provides tax dollars to employ three superintendents. I propose that Waseca County have one superintendent in the county to lead three school districts into the technological age.

That would result in only one salary, one pension plan ,one health-care benefit plan, one travel-expense plan for one superintendent.

I believe these three school districts are a training ground for superintendents to improve their resume. The vision and mission of these schools districts can’t happen if the superintendents have a revolving door.

The leadership of having one superintendent, 1 HR department and only one administration department would then allow the districts to be able to focus attention and resources to the task of accomplishing curriculum goals so our students can be more competitive in the job market.

Educating future welders, plumbers, electricians and improving our STEM programs would make Waseca County school district students compete confidently as they further their education.

Each school district can keep their schools but they can be managed by one administration team. Meetings could be conducted via internet and conference calls.