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April 27, 2013

My View: Kids will be kids, but we need parents to be parents


What happened to parenting, teaching your child values, hard work and learning to make good choices in life? Parents of ordinary children are emboldened to push for lower standards so no one feels bad, let alone extraordinary. If you have a child who is gifted, athletic or artistic, their accomplishments should be rightly recognized, not only as a reward for their hard work, but also to serve as incentive to others to move past their current stations and strive for something greater.

Work hard, play hard, move up the ladder to success was the ticket to living the American Dream, wasn’t it?

Few parents teach their children how to manage money, the old rule of thumb of saving half of what you make to put away for post-secondary education. 

Many parents no longer instill in their children personal responsibility, respect and work ethics. Talking back is tolerated as self-expression and laziness is accepted and excused because we all want our children to have a better life than we did. Make them work for things and if they don’t achieve, they don’t receive! It’s all about learning life lessons.

If we stop raising our own children others will step in and have more influence on them than we do. Should government be raising our children or should you? We all live a busy lifestyle today. Take time to spend quality time with your kids, talk with them and guide them.

Help them find a job and make them stick to it! Allow them to spend half the money they earn and teach them the value of doing a good job and saving money.

We need to do better if we expect better. Seek innovation; strive for greatness; not simply throw more money at old solutions that have not worked.

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