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May 11, 2013

Let's focus on good deeds and people

There used to be a saying, “think globally, act locally.” I haven’t heard it lately, but it recently popped into my head.

I had just retrieved my lost phone from the mall security staff. (Thanks River Hills Mall for having someone there, by the way). He said that two women had found the phone and chased him down over a third of the mall’s length.

Some good Karma just smacked into me and those words popped into my head. It seemed weird at first. But then I thought about my own current global thinking, it wasn’t pretty.

Bombings, civil war, economic ruin and global warming, the list goes on. It occurred to me that it can be easy to get wrapped up in the gross and detestable acts of humanity if you pay any attention to political infighting and news headlines (sorry Free Press, seems a little ironic to say that in your paper).

But, when you stop and look around, you realize that your neighbors and your strangers are still good people. If you’ve read to the bottom of this letter, go “act locally” and thank your neighbor for being cool. Thank the waiter for going out of their way. Or go on the offensive and hold the door open for someone.

Help remind each other that life isn’t that bad. While at it, take a moment and be grateful, too. Even though bad things are out there, they pale in comparison to the millions of good deeds that happen around us every day.

Eric Thomas


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