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July 5, 2013

Budget shortfall not due to food stamps

The New-Age Republicans in Washington remind me of that little statue of three monkeys. One covers his eyes, one covers his ears, and the other covers his mouth. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, in the hands of Republican congressmen, has become see no poverty, hear nothing of poverty, speak not about poverty.

In voting down the Farm Bill because it contained too much money for food stamps, the Republicans have revealed their true agenda. They want to end poverty in America by declaring that it does not exist. Food stamps will not send the nation into bankruptcy. Food stamps are a device that supports agriculture activities by maintaining a minimum demand for ag products.

The Republicans hope that by screaming each day about the government’s deficit, we will lose sight of the cause of the money shortage. Defeating the Farm Bill will not hide the fact that the budget shortage is because of tax relief this group of Republicans has given their rich friends and donors. Feeding the hungry children in the United States is the least we can do as citizens.

Larry Kiewel

Belle Plaine

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