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March 5, 2013

Your View: Free Press inquiry in Hoffner case not needed

My family has been living a nightmare. After overreacting to videos of my children playing after their bath, Minnesota State University and Blue Earth County conducted wide-sweeping investigations of intimate details of our lives.

This nightmare will be forever with us. A Google search of our family turns up dozens of articles mentioning “child porn” and photos of Todd in an orange prison jumpsuit. The university’s leadership has turned its back on us. Our greatest fears are that our children will grow up thinking they are responsible.

All the answers to The Free Press questions are public record. All one needs to do is read the order of Judge Krista Jass dismissing all charges against Todd or the countless articles about the case. The order of Judge Jass means Todd should never have been charged.

Overreaction coupled with an absurd conclusion by an assistant county attorney that 102 seconds of videos of my children constituted “pornographic works” caused this fiasco. Neither the university nor Blue Earth County has apologized to our family or taken any responsibility.

The Free Press claims my family should be “interested in further stories that shine light on how the prosecution was handled.” My family is interested in being left alone, protecting our children, moving past this terrible episode and regaining some sense of normalcy. We have no interest in your newspaper digging further into our private lives.

There are no lawsuits, press conferences or news articles that can repair the damage already done to my family. We did nothing to deserve any of this.

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