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April 9, 2014

ACA may be better than it looks

ACA may be better than it looks

For years the anti-government types have been trying to convince Americans that government doesn’t work. That government hinders business. That private enterprise is most efficient. The profit motive drives perfection.

They like to dwell on the problems that the Affordable Health Care Act is having. What they want you to forget is things like the Target Credit breach. Or the cover-ups at Toyota and GM. Perfection of any human endeavor is unlikely. Private messes tend to be hidden behind the curtain that an open democracy can’t and shouldn’t if it is working correctly.

We only hear about the companies that have problems when the public becomes involved.

It has long troubled me that our court system allows secrecy agreements when lawsuits are settled. How many of these secret deals endanger the American public? How much more normal would companies and corporations look if all of their failures were made public? Maybe the Affordable Care Act is working better than we should expect. Remember “New Coke”?

Rob Swart


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