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January 17, 2013

Your View: NRA speaks for gun industry, not sportsman

— Thanks to Tom Maertens for his recent My View commentary regarding guns and the NRA. Finally someone is willing to recognize that over the years the NRA has transformed from an organization that represents 4 million U.S. sportsmen to an organization that truly represents a small handful of gun manufacturers, gun retailers and gun show promoters. As a result, is it any wonder why they would vehemently argue that the only solution to gun violence is more guns.

Those who argue that reinstating the assault weapons ban or closing the gun show loophole will not stop future Newtown-like incidents are unfortunately correct. But these sensible restrictions are still the right thing to do. Similarly, having a law that makes murder a criminal offense does not stop people from being killed, but no one is suggesting that we repeal this law.

So in the future each time you hear the NRA advocate for more guns and less regulation, recognize that it is the gun manufacturers and gun sellers of America that are truly behind the message.


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