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January 29, 2013

Your View: Both parties are their own worst enemies

— In reference to the Thumbs Down in Saturday's Free Press, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) who, when reacting to President Obama's inauguration speech, said the goal of the president is to "annihilate the Republican Party" -- I agree, but in the process President Obama policies have also been annihilating his own Democratic party.

His campaign promises of transparency, bipartisanship, debt reduction and bringing this country together have either become misdirected, nonexistent or sidetracked by bully presidential appointments or constitutionally questionable executive orders. Following a four-year administration, a Gallup poll found the legislative branch of government began 2013 with a 14 percent approval rating.

Our federal government has become dysfunctional and without a budget our national debt has increased every year by over a trillion dollars. The brainless solution to improving the economy has been to continue excessive spending and increasing the debt limit.

The Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to pass a constitutional required budget in almost four years, yet the president has failed to make it a priority to address that issue. The Republican House has submitted budgets but the Democratic Senate refused to consider them.

Basically, most news media fail to comprehensively report on politically sensitive issues, spin them to their political agenda or remain silent. Investigative journalism as we have once known it is now also becoming extinct. Watching the boob tube news and reading AP articles from the beltway just doesn't cut it. The news media seem generally unwilling or unqualified to "peer into the real intentions of the president."

With failed leadership and many uninformed citizen voters, our country unnecessarily continues to fall into disarray.


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