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February 7, 2013

Your View: Quist would be non-factor at Legislature

— I am privileged to count both Clark Johnson and Al Quist as friends.  Both are decent, honorable men. But, I can only vote for one as our new state representative in House District 19A Tuesday.

How will I make my choice?

Clark Johnson is a lifelong DFLer. He likes people, listens to them and learns from them. He would work well with all members of the Legislature.

I am concerned that Al Quist has identified himself with the Michele Bachmann wing of the Republican party. They value ideological purity over cooperation and compromise. In the recent St. Peter debate and in Quist's ads, he states that he opposes any new type of tax increases. With the DFL in control, he needs to understand that the question isn't whether we increase revenue, but how.

If Quist were elected, he would need to put aside his strong ideological beliefs to work with the DFL majority to represent our district. I don't think he can. He would be a non-factor at the Legislature.

Clark Johnson, on the other hand, will work with the Democratic majority to protect our interests. I urge that you support Clark Johnson Tuesday.


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