The Free Press, Mankato, MN

February 10, 2013

Your View: NRA, gun lobby may want a new amendment

Walter O. Jones, Lake Crystal

— Its introductory phrases render Amendment II hopelessly archaic and endlessly ambiguous.

Amendment II is a sham. A former Chief Justice of the United States called it a fraud perpetuated on the people.

Yes, the present court overturned a D.C. gun ban in 2008. This is the same court that brought us the decision in Citizens United, ironic proof that the judiciary, supposedly the most learned of the branches of government, is, instead, the most unenlightened.

Arguments used to defend the legitimacy of Amendment II have, necessarily, been models of tortured logic.

The NRA and the gun industry may want to have a new amendment ratified, one  that is straightforward and without caveat. They just might have the political power to do it.