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January 26, 2014

Educators deserve more respect from editorial

As a retired educator, I have followed news reports on an improved Minnesota law covering bullying in public schools with great interest, especially to help protect LGBT students who often endure endless bullying on a daily basis.

I was dismayed to read your comment at the end of your Jan. 17 editorial about the MEA break in October.

Not only is your comment about the MEA days being “just an excuse for another day off” unbelievably judgmental and prejudicial for a supposedly unbiased editorial, but it is simply wrong.

Educators are required by the state and by their local contract to work a specified number of days. The MEA break days are not counted in those days. If educators were required to be in their positions in their local schools on those days, additional money would need to be added to their contracts. In reality, many educators do work on those days, attending either the state meetings or separate meetings in their specific areas of study, or working in their rooms getting ready for the next week.

Educators deserve more respect than this editorial gives them.

Nancy Cramblit

North Mankato

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