The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 13, 2012

Your View: Destruction of political signs violates freedom

Peter Etzell, North Mankato

— I am a 76-year-old Republican activist, and over the last 55 years have probably pounded in hundreds or perhaps even thousands of lawn signs. We, together with our Democrat friends, have always respected the constitutional freedom of speech of the other party by leaving their signs alone and even applauding (although grudgingly) their strategic placement.

This year my wife and I are co-chairs for our church committee to promote the passage of the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment to our Minnesota Constitution. Each morning we make the rounds of signs to replace those violently destroyed at night, apparently by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender sympathizers.

Each morning some lawn signs we have placed must be replaced. Good people feel intimidated when others come onto their private property at night to vandalize or destroy their “vote yes” signs.

What is wrong with these GLBT people? Are they so fearful and insecure that they feel they must violate other people’s constitutional freedom of expression? Apparently so.