The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 18, 2012

Your View: Walz helped constituent with refund problem

By Tom Kuster, New Ulm

— I got my deserved refund check. Thank you, Rep. Tim Walz.

Quick story: After my retirement the Medicare drug plan — not realizing I had good coverage under my wife’s plan —mistakenly assessed me an LEP (late enrollment penalty), and raised my monthly premium.

Their notice giving me 10 days to prove I had coverage arrived when I was out of state, and the deadline passed before I got home.

Numerous phone calls and letters all got a “case closed, no appeal” response. The Social Security office said they could do nothing, and advised going to Walz. I did.

In a few days came the word: Case re-opened, send your evidence.

I did, the judgment was reversed, and they refunded my extra payments.

Thanks, Rep. Walz. You get things done. Without you, I would be paying an initial penalty of $181 and $16/month for the rest of my life.