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November 1, 2012

Your View: Quist willing to make difficult decisions

— Our national debt is $16 trillion and is growing over $1 trillion a year. Large deficits hurt the economy by taking money out of the private sector and transferring it to government, reducing the amount of money available to invest in growing private sector jobs.

Thus after four years of trillion dollar deficits, we still have 23 million people in this country who want to work full-time but cannot find full-time jobs.

Allen Quist understands it is critical that we balance the budget, both to grow jobs and to protect our economic future. He is willing to make the difficult decisions needed to balance the budget, even if politically risky.

He has even stood up against the current so-called “farm bill” while running for Congress in a heavily agricultural district. About 20 percent of the money spent in this bill goes to farm programs while the rest goes to social welfare programs like food stamps. However, the entire $500 billion tab goes on the national credit card, increasing the national debt which poses such a great threat to our entire economy, including the agricultural economy of southern Minnesota.

Quist’s opponent, Congressman Tim Walz, on the other hand defends the procedure used to construct the so-called “farm bill,” where congressmen from districts that want the farming programs join with other congressmen that want the social welfare programs to cobble together enough votes to pass this bloated spending bill.

Politicians like Walz who play these games are bankrupting our nation. Please vote with me to change the culture in Washington and move our country towards financial solvency.


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