The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 3, 2012

Your View: Voter ID would hamper the elderly at the polls

Lee Ann Erickson, Sherburn

— My mom was born in 1921, about the time when women received the right to vote. The voter ID amendment, if passed, would create barriers that would successfully take that right away from her.

She has had no need for a photo ID for the past 10 years. The effort and cost to get one is something many elderly people will not attempt.

For 70 some years, my mom made the decision to vote or not. If there is passage of the voter ID amendment, the government could refuse her that right.

Amendments were offered to exempt people in nursing homes and veterans homes. Voter fraud is not an issue in these sites, so why these exemptions were denied is a puzzle. Unless, the intent is to suppress the rights of the elderly to vote.

This bill needs much more work, including how much would this cost and would these dollars come for human services budgets, once again targeting our elderly.

Vote no on the voter ID.