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November 13, 2012

Your View: Rich should pay it forward

— Well, I am very pleased these days. President Obama has won the White House and the Democrats have recaptured both houses of our Legislature. These victories are particularly noteworthy considering the billions of dollars spent by corporations and outside groups to thwart that. I understand the very rich are angry at the poor return on their election investment. Maybe they should have just worked to make our country better. I interpret this as a rebuke by the 99 percent that government is not for sale.

Now government can get about the business of improving the lives of all the people in our state and country. We are lucky to have a governor who recognizes the enormous needs of the poor, despite being a rich man himself. He is willing to fight to help improve lives of the poor. Coupling that with a new Democratic Legislature, I can foresee health care for all, in Minnesota as a distinct possibility.

I have no doubt about the governor's leadership. I see a fairer tax system in our state and federal government.

There is truly something wrong in our country when poor people pay a bigger percentage of taxes than rich people. The rich have been lucky and blessed to have earned their fortunes here. They should show a level of gratitude to our country that gave them that opportunity.

Taxes are a way to show that gratitude. Certainly, it is better than sacrificing your life in a foreign land, fighting for our country.

The rich have an opportunity to "pay it forward." Certainly, they don't want to kill the goose that has laid their golden eggs.


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